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Webinar Series On-Demand: IoT and AR solutions in a post-COVID world

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies that are changing the way organisations operate in a post-COVID world. LEAP recently hosted a 3-part webinar series on common use cases for IoT and AR technology, the recordings of which are now available on demand via the links below.

The first of our 3-part IoT & AR webinar series, Using IoT for remote monitoring of assets & operations in a post-COVID world provides an overview of the PTC IoT and AR platforms, introduces the concept of Digital Disruption and how the ThingWorx IoT platform is used to:

  • Connect – for connecting to a multitude of ‘things’ such as sensors, devices, equipment or other sources of data
  • Build – for rapid development of IoT applications
  • Analyse – providing insightful data analytics
  • Manage – driving actions or automating processes by connecting to other business systems such as ERP or maintenance systems
  • Experience – rapid IoT application development environment – for quickly building dashboards for desktop, web or mobile, or creating immersive in-context Augmented Reality experiences

The second webinar in the series, Using Augmented Reality for marketing, training & maintenance in a post-COVID world covers how AR is playing a role in maintaining business continuity in a post-COVID world, with examples of:

  • Manufacturing – such as assembly guidance and collaboration during R&D
  • Service – easily creating ‘drag-and-drop’ pre-authored AR experiences for routine work instructions, as well as live AR annotations for ad-hoc remote expert assistance
  • Training – pre-authored AR experiences for new user training using either 3D CAD based instructions or instructions captured from existing employees using computer vision technology
  • Sales & Marketing – creating virtual showrooms and exhibits, with the option to use advanced customisable environments

We provide an overview of PTC’s AR platform, Vuforia and the apps available in the Vuforia Enterprise Suite including Vuforia Studio and Vuforia Chalk.

The final session of the series, Using AR to capture process knowledge & accelerate worker training in a post-COVID world takes a deeper look at the Vuforia Enterprise Suite including Vuforia Expert Capture which provides fast and easy knowledge capture, allowing you to rapidly create step-by-step guides and scale your manufacturing expertise throughout an organisation. By recording step-by-step instructions to create AR experiences, organisations can capture process knowledge and expertise to accelerate worker training at scale.

Ready to take the next step? If you have plans to implement an IoT and/or AR solution in 2021, you can click here to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with an expert from LEAP to help provide advice on:

  • key IoT & AR capabilities for different use-cases
  • how to create a pilot project linked to real business outcomes, plus
  • help you define realistic timelines for deploying these new technologies in your business.