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Onshape Education Enterprise

Rethink CAD for your institution, with powerful management and administrative features that make it easy to scale.

The Onshape Education Enterprise plan gives educators and faculty the tools they need to support and manage any size CAD program. Advanced features provide unparalleled functionality compared to other education plans on the market. Watch the video below to to learn more.


ONBOARDING – Simplify Getting Started

The Education Enterprise Plan makes it easy for you to get started, set up classes and manage access across your organization. Single sign-on (SSO) and bulk upload features allow you to instantly add students with the option to login directly using their school email from any device, on and off campus.


ANALYTICS – Data-Driven Insights

With the Education Enterprise plan, you’ll get unprecedented access to data on how your students are performing. As instructor or administrator you can easily see how much time each student has spent on the platform and have a complete history of all of the students’ actions. This information makes it easier to take instruction to the next level as well.


ADMINISTRATION – Take Control of Learning

Onshape Education Enterprise offers administrative capabilities such as setting global permissions for students, enforcing your institution’s security policies, as well as customizing the platform with your own URL and logo.