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Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue is failure under repeated or otherwise varying load which never reaches a level sufficient to cause failure in a single application. Component seems to lose strength after multiple load applications, appears to get tired, hence the name “fatigue”.

Failure caused by fatigue can be minor or catastrophic. The consequences of failure are often very costly and it is estimated that 80-90% of all structural failures are caused by fatigue. Catastrophic failure by fatigue often occurs without warning at low stress levels.

Fatigue Failure of Machinery
Flow chart of the CAE approach to Fatigue Analysis

For estimating the onset of failure from repetitive loading, you no longer need laborious hand calculations or spreadsheets. Modern fatigue analysis tools ― like ANSYS nCode DesignLife ― predict the fatigue life of both components and complete products rapidly and accurately.

Fatigue finite element analysis starts with a structural simulation to calculate the stresses and strains in a model due to a single load. You then combine these results with material models and a description of the repetitive loading that the product is expected to undergo during its use.

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LEAP Australia has partnered with nCode, the leading provider of engineering data analysis solutions specialising in fatigue and durability. nCode have provided customers with data capture and analysis solutions for over 30 years and LEAP is proud to support companies in Australia and New Zealand by offering nCode’s flagship products, Glyphworks® and DesignLife™.

For a more detailed overview of Fatigue, visit our FEA Blog or click here for more information on nCode products.

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