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Ansys optiSLang

Multidisciplinary process integration and orchestration of simulation workflows

Ansys optiSLang is a constantly evolving, leading-edge answer to the challenges posed by CAE-based Robust Design Optimization (RDO). Its state-of-the-art algorithms efficiently and automatically search for the most robust design configuration, eliminating the slow, manual process that used to define RDO. With optiSLang as your process integration and design optimization solution, you’ll make the right decisions sooner.

  • Process Automation
  • Optimisation & Uncertainty Quantification
  • Design of Experiments & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Ansys Minerva Integration

Quick Specs

Accelerate searches for the best and most robust design configuration by automating the search process with interactive visualization and AI technologies. State-of-the-art algorithms for design exploration, optimization, robustness and reliability analysis let you make better decisions with less effort using design optimisation software.

  • Process Automation
  • Robust Design
  • Reduced-Order Modeling
  • Simulation Workflow Building
  • Design of Experiments
  • CAx Connectors
  • Optimisation
  • Model Calibration
  • Ansys Minerva Integration

Case study: Multi-Body Simulation of Truck Mountings on Rough Road Conditions

Ansys optiSLang enables a simulation of loads based on fast and cost-effective measurable signals for an efficient assessment of changes to the drivetrain configuration without the repetition of expensive driving tests.

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What’s New

Ansys optiSLang adds flexibility and accessibility with a new packaging model that includes premium and enterprise license options. It accelerates innovation through tighter integrations with Ansys Electronics Desktop and Ansys Workbench, allowing engineers to leverage the power of optiSLang directly from the solvers.

Premium and Enterprise Licensing

New premium and enterprise licensing categories give you flexibility to choose what fits your needs best.

  • Enterprise license enables multiple design variations at the same time.
  • n optiSLang Premium licenses enable (3n+1) concurrent variations.
    • For example, 1 optiSLang Premium + 1 CFD Premium = 4 concurrent Fluent variations.
  • n optiSLang Enterprise licenses enable (7n+1) concurrent variations.
    • For Example, 1 optiSLang Enterprise + 1 Mechanical Enterprise = 8 concurrent Mechanical variations.
  • Compatible with:
    • Workbench projects
    • AEDT projects
    • DCS projects
    • Pure Batch/Bash calls
    • Plugin nodes

Ansys optiSLang Setup inside Ansys Electronics Desktop

With tighter integrations to AEDT and Workbench, engineers can stay in the environment they are familiar with and continue to leverage the power of optiSLang.

  • Use well known dialogs:
    • Optimetrics/DX
    • optiSLang wizards
  • Run design studies in AEDT.
  • Easily“Go to optiSLang“ from AEDT:
    • Build workflow
    • Advanced study
  • User scheduler submit.
    (incl. Ansys cloud)

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