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ANSYS Embedded Software

Every industry has realised significant growth in innovation based on electronics and embedded software. This trend has led to a number of challenges, which is changing how companies design and develop these complex systems. With the ANSYS systems product family, systems engineers and software engineers can manage the complexities of today’s product development challenges.

ANSYS SCADE System is a systems design and modeling tool for embedded software simulation and code production. It has been developed specifically for use in critical systems with high dependability requirements, including aerospace, rail transportation, nuclear and industrial applications. ANSYS SCADE System provides full support of industrial systems engineering processes, such as ARP 4754, ISO 26262 and EN 50129.


Where to Use SCADE Suite
SCADE Suite is used to design critical software, such as flight control and engine control systems, landing gear systems, automatic pilots, power and fuel management systems, cockpit displays, rail interlocking systems and signaling, automatic train operation, computer based train control, emergency braking systems, overspeed protection, train vacancy detection, nuclear power plant controls, ADAS in cars, and many other aerospace, railway, energy, automotive and industrial applications.

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