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Optical Simulation and Design Software

Modelling light propagation and its impact is crucial for measuring product performance and human comfort, perception and safety. Ansys Optics uniquely simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect, predicts and validates the impact of lighting and material variations on appearance and perceived quality all in real conditions. Visualise your product before it exists to deliver the ultimate virtual customer experience.

High Level Features

Let Ansys Optics & optical simulation software lead you to the best solution, no matter the style of your project. The software easily solves complex optical problems and refines visual appearance for perceived quality. Significantly elevate final product quality with true-to-life visual experiences and combine design and engineering processes into a single, connected workflow. Prepare and appraise virtual prototypes of a cockpit HMI in a real-time, immersive environment. Or, simulate for optical sensors on autonomous vehicles with the diversity offered by Ansys Optics.

Optical Simulation and Design Software Products

Experience light simulation for optical system optimisation and validation in an intuitive and comprehensive user interface within a multiphysics environment.

  • Lighting system performance
  • Optical design optimisation
  • Advanced optical analysis
  • Human vision
  • Simulate sensor vision
  • HUD design and analysis

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Complete photonics simulation software solution, enabling the design of photonics components, circuits, and systems. Device and system level tools work together seamlessly allowing designers to model interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects. Includes:

  • Ansys Lumerical FDTD: Gold standard for modelling nanophotonic devices, processes and materials.
  • Ansys Lumerical MODE: For waveguide and coupler designs.
  • Ansys Lumerical CHARGE: Comprehensive charge transport simulation in semiconductor devices.

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Flawlessly convert lens design data into native CAD to build optical designs faster with fewer errors. Create ISO-compliant optical drawings at the push of a button. Easily see mechanical impacts on optical performance and maintain design quality throughout the packaging process.

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Discover new ways to turn innovative ideas into products that shape the world. OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry and at universities around the world.

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