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ANSYS Discovery Testimonials

Moffitt Creates Ventilation Designs Faster Using Ansys Discovery Live Simulations

Using Discovery Live, Moffitt engineers can now present potential customers with computer simulations showing fluid and heat flow in a week instead of less-intuitive calculations and sketches in two months. They can now complete designs faster and provide customers with solutions quicker than ever.

Ansys Discovery has literally cut our design time in half. With the ability to do rapid design exploration; paired with ‘real-time’ simulation, we’re able to leverage Discovery at the beginning of our sales process.”


Cummins has a unique perspective on engineering simulation. The company begins all of its designs with simulation, a process it call Analysis-Led Design. Watch as this leading company describes its use of Ansys solutions.

When I first saw Discovery Live I was very intrigued. I believe it could be a game changer, and greatly help in democratization of modeling and simulation. It has the potential for our specialists and designers to do “what if” studies much, much faster and easier.

Kaiser AG & Brand Engineering

Kaiser AG, a leading manufacturer of walking excavators, partners with Brand Engineering for simulation, measurement and testing of its safety-critical equipment. Hear how Ansys Discovery Live software facilitates and streamlines their collaborative development process so Kaiser AG can more rapidly deliver innovation to market.

Ansys Discovery, enables our team to collaborate with our clients in real-time, resulting in a huge efficiency on-site. Our engineering assumptions are validated quickly, enabling shorter development times, resulting cost savings.”

Jacobs Analytics

“I was blown away by the speed and ease of use of Discovery. The time to complete an analysis is on the order of minutes as opposed to hours. You will be able to perform your first analysis in less than 15 minutes.”

Ten Tech LLC

TEN TECH LLC used Ansys Discovery Live to assess the performance of a patented design they are bringing to the market for the Aerospace & Defense Embedded Electronics Industry.

The first time I saw Ansys Discovery, I didn’t believe it could deliver on its instantaneous-design-feedback promises. Then, when I tried it, I thought it was nothing short of magical. There were things I knew would take days – even weeks – to achieve, yet I was able to complete them in three clicks.”