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Model and simulate complete system-level digital prototypes

ANSYS Simplorer is a powerful platform for modeling, simulating and analyzing system-level digital prototypes. Simplorer enables you to verify and optimize the performance of your software-controlled, multidomain systems. With flexible modeling capabilities and tight integration with ANSYS 3-D physics simulation and embedded software design, Simplorer provides broad support for assembling and simulating system-level physical models to help you connect conceptual design, detailed analysis and system verification.

How is Simplorer used?
Simplorer is used in model-based design flows in automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and industrial equipment segments to model and simulate multidomain systems. With a unique ability to integrate high-fidelity models of power electronics, multidomain physics and embedded software, Simplorer is widely used for electrified system design, power generation, conversion, storage and distribution applications, EMI/EMC studies and general multidomain system optimization and verification.

ANSYS Simplorer for systems simulation

Pedigree in Power Electronic Systems
ANSYS Simplorer has a long history of success in simulating and analyzing complex power electronic systems. Simplorer libraries include a broad range of detailed and system-level components to support modeling at the different levels of fidelity required through the stages of electrified system development. Simplorer’s proven solver technology is designed to efficiently and accurately handle the highly nonlinear nature of power electronic circuits with a mixture of system time constants and multidomain effects. Powerful waveform analysis tools give you the ability to analyze responses, extract measurements and perform detailed studies of system behavior.

ANSYS Systems Diagram

ANSYS Simplorer is an intuitive, multi-domain, multi-technology simulation program that enables engineers to simulate complex power electronic and electrically controlled systems. Simplorer’s powerful technology allows you to analyze all aspects of large-scale systems, from detailed component analysis to system performance, in a single virtual design environment. With Simplorer, engineers working in the early stages of the design cycle can identify problems that other simulation or build-and-test methods cannot detect, allowing them to maximize product performance and reduce time-to-market.

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