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PTC Creo Elements/Direct

Industry-Leading Direct Modeling Software

PTC Creo Elements/Direct is a comprehensive system for mechanical engineers and designers who create products using the ‘direct modeling’ approach to 3D CAD.

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model

Direct modeling allows you to quickly and easily create one-off designs or radically repurpose existing designs – even if you don’t know how they were made. In fact, most companies add 3D modeling to their product design process to help them shorten time-to-market, meet customer demands for new products, and satisfy increasingly complex customer requirements. With direct modeling even those who are infrequent CAD users can make changes to geometry quickly and easily.

With PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling you can make the most of direct modeling in 3D CAD.

Direct modeling is a lightweight, flexible design strategy that’s fast. If you want to modify geometry, click and use the drag-handle, or enter a new numeric value. That’s it. You can modify with complete freedom as to design intent. Because of this, direct modeling can be a potent source of competitive advantage when you need to change a model in record time or when it’s imperative to get your product to market first.

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PTC Creo Elements Direct Modelling Model

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting is a comprehensive 2D CAD system which meets the needs of both product designers and mechanical engineers.

Why start designing on paper? Go to PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting and use the intuitive user interface to get started. From the first minute you can easily work on concept designs while keeping a record of your ideas, what worked and what didn’t. You can also do detailed design work, save it, and then open it in a 3D package to create an equally detailed 3D model.

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PTC Creo Elements Direct Drafting model

Time to look through all those electronic and paper files you have stored carefully on your laptop and desk. It’s an impressive library with data everyone needs, so it’s good you’ve got your own system for accessing it. Today’s goal: get your hands on the 2D design you wanted to reuse. Then you can answer those questions from manufacturing about that part.

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager integrates product data management into your design process, so you and your team can track your efforts and easily access the most up-to-date information about your product. No more ad hoc systems with their potential for error and confusion. Instead, PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager allows you to manage file ownership, revision, and model design states seamlessly. You’ll never have to disrupt your workflow or worry about data integrity.

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PTC Creo Essentials Direct Model Manager

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