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The Integrity Software Suite provides a comprehensive set of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Model-Based Systems Engineering capabilities that enable a holistic software and systems engineering approach by improving collaboration, automation, and reuse across teams and disciplines. Simplify the complexity involved in developing today’s complex engineered and smart, connected products.

Integrity enables you to:

  • Support holistic systems and software design to define and communicate how product, users, and the environment truly interact
  • Manage requirements from cradle-to-grave to ensure customer needs and quality expectations are met
  • Streamline compliance to reduce product risk
  • Engineer product lines to deliver variation and optimize commonality and reuse, improving time-to-market
  • Manage the evolution and release of strategic software assets
  • Address quality early and often by validating and verifying requirements and designs
  • Share best practices that can be easily tailored, managed and improved over time

PTC Global Software Development Solution

The PTC Global Software Development solution helps teams deliver higher quality, more innovative software with less risk. It provides comprehensive support for software requirements and validation; process and workflow; change, configuration and release management; and reporting, risk and compliance management. Powered by the Integrity Lifecycle Manager product family, and offered as a convenient subscription, the solution excels at balancing rigor with flexibility, and can be used to automate any development process or methodology to meet team and organisational needs.

With the PTC Global Software Development solution, every item type has its own enforceable workflow that describes how it moves from state to state—complete with definable rules, FDA 21CFR-compliant e-signature and full audit trails. Because Integrity artifacts are the output of an enforceable process model, its ALM records provide a trustworthy historical record and “single source of truth” on evolving software and system artifacts. Organizations can at any time view the chain of documents and approvals associated with any software deliverable, from initial requirements through design artifacts, code and build artifacts—including midstream changes introduced at any point along the software lifecycle.

Organisations with the most stringent audit requirements—including manufacturers of safety-critical products such as pacemakers and automotive safety systems—rely on the PTC Global Software Development solution for comprehensive, automated and tamper-resistant audit reporting.

PTC Requirements and Validation Solution

Mature requirements and validation practices are an integral part of the product development process and vital to mitigating risk in the development of complex and engineered products. Yet many organizations struggle to keep up with the volume and velocity of changes required. The explosive growth of product variants and the need to comply with multiple overlapping regulatory requirements only add to the pressure—and cost—of effective product stewardship.

The PTC Requirements and Validation solution empowers teams to capture, manage, validate, and verify product and product-line requirements throughout the product lifecycle. It provides the comprehensive requirements and test management needed to help organizations deliver higher quality products that better meet customer needs. End-to-end traceability reduces risk, while comprehensive change and audit management safeguards strategic assets and streamlines regulatory reporting. Rich data synchronization supports flexible collaboration across teams and vendors—including complex supply chains. Powered by the PTC Integrity product family, the PTC Requirements and Validation solution provides these capabilities in a convenient subscription package.