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Simulation Driven Product Development

In most industries today, there is a relentless pursuit of lower cost, more reliable and safer products and faster development times, in the face of intense global competition. Consequently, your margin for error is shrinking, and the cost of being wrong can be disastrous, especially in today’s intense global competition. Playing safe is no longer an option. Over designing products is too expensive. A shrinking margin of error has begun to cast doubt on some often employed engineering assumptions, particularly uncoupling of physical phenomena during simulations.

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Structural analysis solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys Mechanical enables you to solve complex structural engineering problems by analysing multiple design scenarios to make better, faster design decisions.
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Fluids analysis solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys fluids simluation tools have been validated and are highly regarded for their superior computing power and accurate results. Reduce development time and efforts while improving product performance and safety. Learn more
Electronics analysis solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys electronics solutions minimise testing costs, ensure regulatory compliance, improve reliability and reduce product development time. Learn more
Multiphysics analysis solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys multiphysics provides the most comprehensive coupled physics tool combining structural, thermal, CFD, acoustic and electromagnetic simulation capabilities in a single software product. Learn more
Systems analysis solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys provides a powerful platform for modelling, simulating and analysing system-level digital prototypes. Ansys enables you to verify and optimise the performance of your software-controlled, multidomain systems.
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Embedded software solutions at LEAP Australia
Ansys provides a model-based development environment for reliable embedded software, which provides linkage to requirements management, model-based design, verification and qualifiable/certified code generation capabilities. Learn more

Ansys is the market leader as it has the greatest range of capabilities, covering a broad span of physics – including structural, thermal, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics – and a deep pool of features within each discipline. So even if you only need some of these capabilities now, you know that the depth and breadth is available when you need it.

  • The multiple physics are nicely integrated into one software package
  • The Ansys solvers are mature (some over 40 years strong), robust, reliable and fast
  • Over 500 developers are working on continual capability enhancements
  • 13,000 Total Customers Worldwide
  • 200,000 Seats Worldwide
  • 200, 000 University Seats Worldwide
  • Ansys only does simulation software. Simulation software is the Ansys core business.

No other company producing simulation tools has the depth and breadth of Ansys. Unlike other CAE companies, who may possess competence in one or maybe two fields, Ansys provides very strong solutions in multiple disciplines.

ANSYS Mechanical Bolt Bracket Assembly

“Simulation with Ansys software certainly allowed us to meet (our design) objectives with advanced technology that we easily integrated into our product development process. In this way, rather than merely fix problems at the last minute near the end of development, we used simulation to guide the design.” Larry Larder, Herman Miller.

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