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Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS* curves, surfaces, and solids, point clouds, and polygon meshes. There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size beyond those of your hardware.

New in Rhino

The Rhino development process started with the overriding goal to remove as many of your workflow bottlenecks as possible, in addition to making thousands of large and small improvements. That meant making Rhino faster and able to handle much larger models and project teams.

Thanks to thousands of pre‑release users, we were able to field test and refine Rhino 6, making it the fastest and most stable version ever. Read more…

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Grasshopper – New in Rhino for Windows

The long wait is over: Rhino includes Grasshopper. Used in some of the most ambitious design projects of the past decade, Grasshopper, like Rhino, has become a robust development platform. Grasshopper provides the foundation for many third-party components ranging from environmental analysis to robotic control. The Grasshopper bundled with Rhino is the same Grasshopper you have been using, plus many enhancements.

The Grasshopper in Rhino for Windows is the same Grasshopper we’ve been busy developing for years so it should be familiar. That said, it does have many new features and enhancements that were not in the long-lived beta.

One Install
Grasshopper installs with Rhino for Windows. Updates and bug fixes come in regular service releases.

If you have been a user for years, you should feel right at home in the Grasshopper in Rhino for Windows.

Rhino 3D now with Grasshopper

High DPI
High DPI displays are now supported.

Rhino now supports high DPI displays

The Grasshopper in Rhino for Windows is compatible with existing components.

The Grasshopper in Rhino 6 for Windows is compatible with existing components

New Components
Including Make2D, Symbol Display, Bend, Flow, Maelstrom, Splop, Splorph, Stretch, Taper, Twist.

New Rhino 3d components Including Make2D, Symbol Display, Bend, Flow, Maelstrom, Splop, Splorph, Stretch, Taper, Twist.

Kangaroo – the interactive dynamic relaxation solver/physics engine – is now included.

Multi-Threaded Components
Some components now solve much faster using parallel computing.

GhPython is also included. It features its own GHA compiler and a major node-in-code speed up.

An Easy Target
Grasshopper is now a stable development target: your components continue to work with each minor Grasshopper update.

Also, developing Grasshopper components using RhinoCommon exposes more Rhino core-functionality from within Grasshopper.

Developer documentation is online with guides and API references.

Rhino 3d Grasshopper developer guides