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ANSYS Structures

More and more engineers in Australian and New Zealand companies are performing simulations with ANSYS Structures as part of their design process. These simulations are aimed at determining how their product designs will perform in the real world. The most commonly used form of simulation for mechanical engineers is a structural and/or thermal finite element analysis (FEA). Structural FEA software is also one of the most mature technologies in the area of simulation.

ANSYS Mechanical Suspension System Model

What are Australian and New Zealand engineers hoping to achieve with a structural / thermal analysis and what challenges do they face when they use these tools? How can LEAP Australia help you with these problems?

ANSYS Mechanical Bolt Bracket Assembly

In general the objective of a structural / thermal analysis is to determine if a product design will perform as intended when it experiences real life loads and temperatures and this can be done before building the first physical prototype of the design. How much will the parts of a drilling rig deflect when drilling into a coal rock face? What factor of safety do we have before the parts start to yield? How hot will certain parts and surfaces of a plastic injection mold get when the heating elements are turned on?

LEAP Australia has 20+ years of experience in assisting our customers in answering such questions through the use of ANSYS simulation technology. By employing simulation technology early in the design phase, LEAP customers have achieved a greater understanding of the performance of their products and brought them to market faster with fewer physical prototypes.


ANSYS Mechanical Packages:

Structural analysis with ANSYS Mechanical Pro provides robust general purpose stress, thermal, modal and fatigue simulations for fast and accurate solutions. You can look at a range of scenarios, from strength of components and assemblies to thermal studies. Advanced contact technologies easily accounts for interactions between components.

ANSYS Mechanical Pro Image

Structural analysis with ANSYS Mechanical Premium provides robust general purpose stress, thermal, modal and fatigue simulations, and gives you greater engineering insight into the effects of nonlinear behaviors like plasticity and hyperelasticity. It also enables you to study seismic, random and harmonic vibrations.

ANSYS Premium Image

Structural analysis with ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise provides robust general purpose stress, thermal, modal and fatigue simulations, greater engineering insight with advanced nonlinear stress simulations and comprehensive linear dynamics, and in-depth analysis of structure and coupled-field behavior in a highly productive, comprehensive simulation environment.

ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise Image

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