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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.

 CFD Case Studies: Turbomachinery, agitators, mixers

Jet Fans in Car Parks for AS1668 Compliance

From modelling fans explicitly, to capturing the effect of the fans in-situ, our CFD software has been widely used in the ventilation industry, especially for tunnel and car park ventilation.

Propeller Design for UAV

Our CFD software was used to optimise the shape of a propeller for a given flight envelope. Using a baseline design, the software was given a set of goals and was able to achieve a blade profile that optimized lift and thrust.

Agitation and Mixing with Free Surface and Contaminants

Within a single simulation, the CFD captures multiphase fluids i.e. air and water, the free surface between them, the spread of a contaminant and the spread & mixing of the fluids via agitators.

Reducing Acoustic Signatures of Fans In Air Conditioners

Torque and thrust are important parameters in fan design, but when the product is in the consumer goods and electronics market, comfort factors such as the noise it generates, also plays an important role in design.

Fan Performance for Fire & Smoke Evacuation In A Tunnel
Our software’s ability to copy and paste a manufacturer’s fan curves directly into the software, not only allows a user to swap fan types on the fly, but also assess their effectiveness by changing the number used and their locations.

Fan Parameterisation and Optimisation

Starting from 2D blade profiles to obtaining full fan curves on an optimised design – how did our engineers manage to run through hundreds of design iterations in a week and converge on a fan model that achieved multiple target goals?

Full 3D Pump Analysis In A Water Treatment System

Water treatment engineers used our CFD solution to model the full details of a pump; the exiting flow field was analysed to provide flow straightening solutions for sensitive equipment downstream in the system.

Digital Twin Solutions for Pumps, Fans, Turbines

Using a Digital Twin model coupled with IoT and 3D CFD, engineers could run quick diagnostics on a pump to understand the level of erosion occurring in the field and then prevent an unscheduled shutdown of the system.

Fan Sizing For Mine Ventilation

Using actual terrain obtained from laser scans, CFD assessed the smoke concentrations in different parts of the tunnel, the corresponding lack of visibility and also how long it took the fans to evacuate the smoke to allowable levels.