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System Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.

System & Network

While 3D CFD is useful for analysing a single product, often the analysis of an entire system, containing multiple components is required. Studies such as these are non-starters in 3D CFD, due to the computational resources they need; a systems model is the favoured solution in such scenarios.

Mitigating Water Hammer
Sudden valve closure can cause load spikes & catastrophic failure of pipes. System level CFD allows designers to mitigate against such failures.

Mass Flow Balancing
Did you know that our 1D CFD system level tool allows engineers to size equipment and optimise conditions to deliver flow assurance in minutes?

System Coupling to 3D CFD
This capability is useful when within a larger fluids network (handled by the system model), there exists a component that needs detailed analysis via 3D CFD.