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Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Monash University

LEAP Australia in partnership with the Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub recently ran a series of free workshops for Monash staff and students to learn how to get started with implementing Smart Manufacturing software (such as Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things) that is available to you at Monash University.

Below are the recordings of the presentations from both workshops which includes:

Workshop 1: Getting Started with Smart Manufacturing Solutions


  • The impact of Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) on industry and research
  • Example use cases – including examples of projects already in progress at Monash
  • How to get started using IoT & AR authoring software solutions at Monash

Live demonstrations:

  • How to setup IoT connectivity and a data dashboard
  • How to easily publish your design to Augmented Reality (AR Vuforia Studio Software)
  • How students and staff can use AR to visualise 3D CAD in their projects

Workshop 2: Application Building for Smart Manufacturing Solutions


Learn how to build your first industrial IoT application to visualise simulated streaming data using ThingWorx:

  • Overview of the ThingWorx Development Process
  • Navigating the ThingWorx user interface
  • Creating a Digital Twin
  • Managing live data within ThingWorx
  • Building an IoT Mashup / Dashboard (Industrial user interface)

Learn how to create your first Augmented Reality application:

  • Identify Vuforia user interface and features
  • Import data (3D, documents, video)
  • Create a user interface
  • Publish your AR experience

For more information, contact:

Shankar Cumarasamy
Business Development Manager
Faculty of Engineering
03 9905 8695

Paul O’Shaughnessy
PTC Business Manager, LEAP Australia
LEAP Australia
03 8542 7811