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Simulation for the Tapware Industry

Flow, thermal & structural simulations add tremendous value to product design engineer working on the design of tapware and related products.  Simulation helps understand and optimise applications such as:

  • Hot and cold mixing
  • Identifying regions of high turbulence
  • Quantify and optimise pressure drops
  • Improve flow uniformity
  • Identify areas of potentially high wear
  • Design and optimisation of water usage reduction devices

For more complex applications, simulation with Ansys can also help you tackle

  • Modelling sprays 
  • Free surface flow – eg. toilet flushing
  • Predicting wear
  • Cavitation
  • Water hammer analysis 
  • Multiphase applications (yellow water, floating solids, soapy water etc)
Talk to your local LEAP office about how we can help you get started with simulation for any of these applications in the tapware industry.