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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.


When designing a new product, how does the team know which parameters are driving the design and to what degree? Are they chasing the wrong variables that have little or no influence on the design? The sensitivity and optimisation tools address these questions and help engineers design a goal-driven product.

Design Optimisation For A Fan
How do you run through 100’s of scenarios & geometric variations in a week to provide an optimised fan shape to industry?

Culvert Design Optimisation
Even on multiphase and transient analysis, a multi-variable sensitivity & optimisation analysis can be carried out, to determine the best design.

UAV Propeller Optimisation
Outside of parametric variable based optimisation, our CFD tool also allows for ‘organic’ optimisation based on target goals and allowable bounds on geometry.