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Online Ansys Training – Feb 2021

Each session will run during the morning from 9am – 12pm AEDT, with the agenda covering the following topics:

8th Feb – Geometry preparation using SpaceClaim (Join)
9th Feb – Meshing using Fluent Meshing (Join)
10th Feb – Introduction to CFD using Fluent (Join)
11th Feb – CFD Best Practises & Q&A session (Join)

15th Feb – Geometry preparation using SpaceClaim (Join)
16th Feb – Meshing, Contact and Linear Analysis using Mechanical (Join)
17th Feb – Non-linear contact and materials (Join)
18th Feb – Linear dynamics (vibration) & Q&A session (Join)

22nd Feb – Low Frequency: Maxwell Basics and QS Solvers using Maxwell (Join)
23rd Feb – Low Frequency: Transient Solvers, Postprocessing and Parametric using Maxwell (Join)
24th Feb – High Frequency: Introduction, Boundaries and SImulation Space using HFSS (Join)
25th Feb – High Frequency: FEM Solution Setup – Mesh and Sweep, Postprocessing, S Parameter and Fields using HFSS & Q&A session (Join)

On the day, the LEAP staff will present the topic and then suggest tutorials for students to finish at their own pace via the LEAP Learning Hub (

We look forward to seeing you there.

The LEAP Ansys team