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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.


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Organisations have multidisciplinary teams to design products that operate in a multi-physics world. It makes sense therefore that the tools used by these teams are also capable of coupling to each other and seamlessly integrating results and boundary conditions between them, thereby giving a wholistic view of the product.

X43 Hypersonic Flight Analysis
CFD is used to study the performance of a hypersonic vehicle; the results are 1-way coupled to ANSYS STK, to capture full flight path characteristics.

Particles Solids Breakup in CFD
A coupled transient CFD-DEM analysis modelling the transfer of ore, break-up of particles and design of water-sprays, (used for dust suppression).

System Coupling to 3D CFD
This capability is useful when within a larger fluids network (handled by the system model), there exists a component that needs detailed analysis via 3D CFD.