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Minerals Separation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

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Minerals Separation

The separation of raw ore into usable material is a vital and multi-step process. Using CFD, designers are able to capture the behaviour of the material from the time it is cut, through to separation within a cyclone or transport & transfer between chutes (dust mitigation).

Separation in Mineral Processing
CFD was used to design a separation bin that kept slurry particles of a target size suspended, while others fell and filtered through the bottom.

Particles Solids Breakup in CFD
A coupled transient CFD-DEM analysis modelling the transfer of ore, break-up of particles and design of water-sprays, (used for dust suppression).

Slurry Separation in Cyclones
The separation of particles of different densities & sizes can be captured via CFD. If coupled to DEM, the break-up of particles can also be taken into account.