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Medical Device Manufacturing

The Future of Medical Innovation

Today’s medical device manufacturing companies face transformative opportunities and challenges. The healthcare value chain is being disrupted and replaced with more collaborative, outcome-based, and metrics-drive approaches to patients’ health. With 3D printing and connected healthcare apps, the promise of personalized medical devices is a reality.

For more than 25 years, PTC has partnered with leading life sciences companies to advance the state of medical engineering. The future of medical innovation is here—now.

Quality and innovation for medical device manufacturers

Build a culture of quality and innovation

Poor quality costs medical device makers up to 18% of revenue which equates to $26 billion each year. Take a look at the Infographic and download the report.

PLM solutions for medical device manufacturers

Selecting the Right PLM Software

Discover the best selection criteria for choosing the right software to support quality initiatives. Watch The Novaris Interview.

Windchill for medical device manufacturers

Windchill Quality Videos

CAPA enables closed-loop identification, root cause analysis, corrective / preventive action determination, and close-out of quality issues across the product lifecycle. Watch the CAPA video and more.

Top Medical Device Manufacturers using PTC solutions include:

  • Philips, global leader in medical technology employs over 100,000 and reports $30 billion in revenue.
  • Medtronic Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) division combats product complexity and while adhering to strict FDA requirements.
  • CVRx, a medium-sized Minnesota company pioneering new implants to monitor and treat high blood pressure.
  • Stryker Endoscopy, who implemented PLM for improved traceability to smooth the FDA auditing process.
  • Sysmex, who use augmented reality to help field engineers more easily maintain equipment.

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