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LS-DYNA software offers the most cutting edge explicit solver technology, and along with its wide range of contact algorithms and rich material database, LS-DYNA enables the user to simulate sophisticated explicit dynamic systems with high fidelity and ease.

LS-DYNA excels at simulating short duration, high intensity loading scenarios between solid to solid dynamic interaction, and with their comprehensive set of contact types, along with its fast solution processing. Simulating explicit dynamics has never been easier.

The benefit of using LS-DYNA

  • Conduct sophisticated explicit dynamics analysis with easy and high fidelity
  • Have access to the material library that offers constitutive material models of virtually all materials that may need to be modelled with an explicit solver

What LS-DYNA means to your business

  • Avoid time consuming, costly and often inaccurate prototyping and testing
  • Faster product development cycle
  • Greater confidence in quality assurance

Industries that relies on LS-DYNA

  • Automotive industry (Crash worthiness, Sheetmetal forming)
  • Aerospace industry (Bird strike, Engine failure)
  • Building industry (Impact study, Earth quake simulation)
  • Defense industry (Explosion simulation, Survivability study)
  • Oil & energy industry (Offshore platforms)
  • And many others…

LS-DYNA in the Australian engineering industry

Connell Wager (now Aurecon) used LS-DYNA to conduct crash worthiness study of highway road barriers against oblique impact from a 36 tonne truck at 80km/h. Typically, impact testing in a lab environment would not be able to simulate the impact behaviour with enough precision, while live testing could be too costly.

The analysis took advantage of the sophisticated material models in LS-DYNA database and was able to thoroughly examine the effect of strain rate behaviour of the barrier on the impact results. The results from the simulation identified several weaknesses in the barrier design that would of compromised the structural integrity of the barrier, and thanks to the LS-DYNA simulation, the final design was improved before the commencement of production.

LS-DYNA result showing barrier overturn upon impact

LS-DYNA result showing barrier overturn upon impact
(Courtesy of Aurecon and Dr Kourosh Kayvani)

Why chose LEAP to be your explicit dynamics solver provider?

Here at LEAP we have a rich knowledge pool that can provide you with the training, consulting and tech support that you’ll need with explicit dynamics. and our experienced staff will make sure you are always equipped with the technology to solve the engineering problems of today, as well as tomorrow.

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