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LEAP Test Homepage

Industry 4.0 solutions at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Structures at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Fluids at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Electronics at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Multiphysics at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Systems at LEAP Australia
ANSYS Embedded Software at LEAP Australia
CAD Solutions at LEAP Australia
PLM Solutions at LEAP Australia
Augmented Reality at LEAP Australia
Internet of Things at LEAP Australia
ALM Solutions at LEAP Australia
Mathcad at LEAP Australia
Industry 4.0 solutions at LEAP Australia
LiveWorx 17 Keynote Presentation at LEAP Australia
ANSYS 18.1 AT LEAP Australia
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LEAP’s partners include:

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LEAP = Leading Engineering Application Providers

We have a long established reputation for successfully delivering Computer Aided Engineering CAE software and services to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand customers – from global leaders to small local companies. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers provide support, training, advice and customisation in their area of expertise, such as CAD, CAM, Simulation and Product Development.

The team at LEAP Australia assist local companies to implement product development technologies that reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity.  LEAP has the team, tools and experience to solve problems that no-one else can.

We proudly represent world leading engineering technology companies providing solutions across the entire product development lifecycle including ANSYS, PTC, nCode, LSTC and many more.