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Leap Conflux Augmented Reality

Experience Augmented Reality for Yourself!

Scan this ThingMark to get started with a range of AR examples inside the Vuforia View app. Try it now here!

How it works: Download the Vuforia View app (formerly known as Thingworx View) for free from your preferred App Store (links below), click this Thingmark and follow the prompts to get started.


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Learn more about Conflux

Conflux use additive manufacturing to make high performance heat exchangers for all industries; delivering reliable products that are lighter and more efficient. Conflux take your thermal performance needs and produce game-changing outcomes using unique technology.

By leveraging the design freedoms that AM (additive manufacturing) provides, Conflux create cutting-edge heat transfer solutions for customers across the globe.

Efficiency and performance delivered through additive manufacturing

Discover Conflux’s industry-leading, ultra high-performance air-liquid heat exchangers. We realise the potential of design freedom through our unique cutting-edge techniques and mastery of additive manufacturing.

Explore the Conflux Air-liquid heat exchanger range here.

Learn more about Augmented Reality

While Augmented Reality (AR) was popularised through the recent Pokemon Go phenomenon, the applications for industry are more far reaching. Computer models and simulation results can be visualised through AR during the design stage, allowing for virtual prototypes to be examined in the physical world. IoT data can be visualised on a working product providing insight into internal conditions without the need for monitors, gauges or dials and entire factories can be overlayed with data to provide real time information about performance, materials and stock levels and much more.  Sales and marketing teams can even use AR to demonstrate products to potential buyers without physical stock and examine various configurations or variations of a product on the fly.

BAE Systems utilises AR with the HoloLens to empower their service technicians to perform their jobs more safely and efficiently. Check it out in the video below.