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LCI Consultants – Experts discuss pathogen spread through HVAC systems

Do modern HVAC systems actually increase potential contamination from aerosolised COVID19​ pathogens (seeded by coughing of infected patients) in commercial offices and hospitals?

Experts from LCI Consultants speak here about the results of their study in conjunction with LEAP Australia. How can our use of CFD enable us to better understand what’s occurring & help re-design HVAC​ systems to reduce these risks?

Modern building designers have done a great job of designing HVAC systems to mix air incredibly well, improving energy efficiencies in the process. But if COVID-19 particles are aerosolised, does this enhanced mixing become a massive problem for our indoor commercial spaces?

Simon Witts and Sam Coleman discuss with Joel Thakker on the role of Ansys Fluids in reaching these conclusions and also potential solutions such as increasing % of outside air (at the expense of energy efficiency) or changing to finer grade filters to stop aerosols from getting through air handling units. Their conclusions have tremendous implications for managing the economic recovery from the current pandemic but also how we redesign our offices and hospitals to potentially mitigate flu season every year.

Want to learn more? Click here to read the technical paper Propagation of droplets in an HVAC System written by Simon Witts and Sam Coleman of LCI Consultants or contact LEAP to discuss how CFD can help solve your HVAC problems.