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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.

Whether your are optimising the pressure differential on a pump, or designing a fan to provide ventilation in a tunnel, or looking to reduce the acoustic signature of your blades: our CFD solution will allow you to build a design from 2D profile of the blade through to the full characteristic curve of the device.

Design Optimisation For A Fan
How do you run through 100’s of scenarios & geometric variations in a week to provide an optimised fan shape to industry?

In-Situ Pump Analysis
Water treatment engineers used CFD to understand the flow field exiting a pump and provide flow straightening solutions for downstream equipment.

IoT & CFD For Operations Planning
Using a Digital Twin model coupled with IoT and 3D CFD, engineers could run quick diagnostics on a pump and prevent an unscheduled shutdown of the system.