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External Flows

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

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External Flows

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When it comes to external aerodynamics, we can do so much more than flow over a wing with our CFD tools. Think placement of wind turbines in open terrain, separation of a payload from an aircraft, tracking plumes from a gas leak, train and tunnel interference,  aeroacoustics from vortex shedding and a lot more!

Wind Farm Placement
Using CAD obtained from point cloud data, CFD is carried out to identify high wind and turbulent regions on the terrain.

Payload Release From Wing
Using 6DOF and moving mesh, the aerodynamic interactions between a missile being released and the aircraft wing is studied.

Plume Trajectory In a Cross Wind
Given a gas leak at a factory site, CFD is used to identify regions between the low and high flammability limits, under the action of a cross wind