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Customer Case Study: Monash Motorsport

For over 15 years, LEAP has supported Monash Motorsport (MMS) and their use of Ansys simulation tools to improve and optimise the design of their vehicles. Here we have compiled some of the articles we have created in collaboration with MMS – read on to learn how Ansys has helped MMS become the premier Formula SAE team in Australia.

Monash Motorsport accelerates development with Ansys

The team from Monash University uses Ansys software to design an innovative drag reduction system. Read more in this Ansys Advantage article.

Guest blog by MMS: Centre of Attention – Using FEA to optimise wheel centres for a formula SAE racecar

Learn how FEA played an important role in the redesign of Monash Motorsport’s wheel centres for their F-SAE cars – reducing the mass from 906g to 731g for each wheel centre from the 2019 to new 2020 design. Read the blog

Guest Blog by MMS: Aero Mapping for Formula-SAE using CFD

Monash Motorsport has a rich history with aerodynamics, being the first team in Australia and among the first in the world to implement effective aerodynamics packages in the Formula SAE competition. In recent years, this has been made much more efficient and effective through greater automation of their Ansys CFD simulations. Learn more in this blog article.

Guest Blog by MMS: Using Ansys Maxwell for motor design in Formula student competition

In 2016, Monash began developing an electrically powered car alongside the teams combustion car. This year served as a research and development year, allowing time for the team to learn, analyse and decide on the core concepts for the 2017 vehicle. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) was already used extensively by the team for mechanical (structural) and aerodynamic design and extending this to electromagnetic and electrical design using Ansys Maxwell allowed for faster, more accurate and more robust designs. Read more