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Customer Case Study: Breville

Watch the video below to learn how Breville Australia transformed their engineering from being a traditional “build-test-make” facility to now using simulation earlier in their design process, helping them to:

  • better understand product performance,
  • reduce costs,
  • shorten design cycles, and
  • build superior prototypes. 

Breville engineers are constantly striving for their products to perform better & be more reliable. Con Psarologos, GM Engineering, explains how Ansys has allowed his team to innovate faster. Learn how the development time of components has reduced from 3 months to less than 2 weeks!

As well as the flagship fluids, thermal and structural simulation tools from Ansys, Breville also uses the latest technology in Ansys Discovery Live – putting a dynamic, interactive simulation tool in the hands of product designers to help them develop new concepts faster, giving early feedback and sparking ideas on where they should be looking for innovative design solutions.

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