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Ansys Startup Program

Many of the world’s greatest companies began as startups and Ansys and LEAP Australia are committed to partnering with entrepreneurial startups across Australia and New Zealand to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders. We recognise that while the benefits of simulation are even greater for many startups than for more established companies, during the early stages of starting a business the costs of industry-standard software can be out of reach. For eligible startup applicants, the Ansys Startup Program can provide you with full access to the best tools possible — Ansys simulation solutions — to supercharge your innovation process at an affordable cost.

As a partner in the Startup Program, you will gain access to appropriate Ansys software bundles so you can immediately start building virtual prototypes of your new products. Using the same tools that are harnessed by R&D teams within the top Fortune500 companies, you can systematically modify and test many hundreds or thousands of virtual prototypes – in the same timeframe that it would have taken you to build and test just one physical prototype – saving significant amounts of time and money and helping you to quickly optimise your new product design.

ANSYS Startup program at LEAP Australia

The Ansys Startup Program provided us with affordable access to leading simulation technology that is uniquely suited to our field — high resolution 77-GHz automotive radar chipsets,” said Frank Zhang, CEO of Andar Technologies Pty LtdAustralia-based Andar Technologies is developing next-generation, 3D imaging automotive radar. “In a highly competitive and fast-changing industry, the use of fast and accurate electromagnetic simulations with Ansys for our mm-wave radar system performance is essential to bringing our product to market in a timely and cost-effective way. Ansys enables us to use accurate virtual prototypes with goal-driven optimization to reduce our need for physical prototyping—helping us save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fabrication runs and ultimately save years of development time.

The Ansys Startup Program gives your startup company access to the full portfolio of Ansys multiphysics simulation bundles, including Structural, Fluids, Electromagnetics and Embedded Software capabilities. Additional benefits include global marketing exposure through both Ansys and LEAP Australia, and full access to LEAP’s expert technical support.

Regardless of whether you are an independent startup, part of an startup incubator, or another participant in the startup ecosystem, contact us to learn how the Ansys Startup Program can benefit you today.

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