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ANSYS Discovery – Learn More

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Discover Ansys’ newly released modelling and engineering simulation products that offer all engineers a faster, simpler way to explore and design digitally. Before you commit costly resources early in the design process use the highly intuitive Discovery product line for quick exploration of concepts and testing of critical design options.

Discovery SpaceClaim (Essentials Bundle)
3D CAD software for concept modelling, design, manufacturing, reverse engineering and 3D printing. Discovery SpaceClaim is the ideal tool for preparing geometry for FEA and CFD analysis.

Discover the most user-friendly CAD tool that anyone can use — with minimal training. With Discovery SpaceClaim it’s simple to create or modify any 3D file as rapidly as your mind can innovate. The direct modelling paradigm frees you from the constraints of traditional concept modelling, and allows you to focus on the creative design process and not on the technology.

With Discovery SpaceClaim you can quickly create, edit or repair 3D CAD or faceted file types. Easily share your ideas with customers, R&D engineers, CAE analysts, team members and manufacturing. Import and integrate any geometry in one environment, no matter the origin (suppliers, in-house library, online resources).

Regardless of the modelling task or your formal training, Discovery SpaceClaim’s unique toolset enables you to create rough concepts, detailed designs or edit 3D data created in other CAD systems. Use the same tools to prepare models for manufacturing, simulation and 3D printing, or reverse engineer any faceted/STL file for downstream use.

Discovery Live (Standard Bundle)
Rapid product and concept exploration powered by real-time engineering insights

Ansys Discovery Live provides instantaneous 3-D simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modelling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation. It is an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials types or physics inputs, then instantaneously see changes in performance.

Use Discovery Live to test more design iterations in a shorter amount of time, perform feasibility studies on new concepts and bring products to market faster.

Ansys Discovery Live seamlessly aligns with the 3-D Design family of products and complements Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim and Ansys Discovery AIM.

Discovery AIM (Ultimate Bundle)
Integrated platform for simulation-driven product development that facilitates in-depth concept and design exploration

Discovery AIM’s highly intuitive user interface, coupled with guided simulation workflows, drastically reduces the setup and execution of engineering simulation. The templates guide you through the entire simulation process and automate many routine steps, so you can focus on the engineering. You will spend less time learning — or, for infrequent users, relearning — and more time producing.

The same solvers used in flagship Ansys products are also used in Discovery AIM. This technology — from model setup to meshing and physics solutions — delivers the most reliable and accurate simulations.

Tailor your simulation processes and incorporate your best practices to ensure consistency and accuracy. Custom physics objects and loads can be used to fit the simulation definition to specific tasks. Any simulation can be used as the basis for a user-defined template that is replayable on any model.

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ANSYS Discovery capability chart at LEAP Australia

Ansys Discovery Live relies on the latest GPU technology to provide its computation and visual experience. To run Discovery Live, we strongly recommend that you have:

  • A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card based on the Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal architecture (or newer) with at least 4GB of video RAM (8GB preferred) and latest drivers installed (see NVIDIA Driver Downloads). Most dedicated NVIDIA GPU cards produced in 2013 or later will be based on one of these architectures.

If you meet these hardware requirements, downloading and installing the software on your computer will provide you with the best user experience when running Ansys Discovery Live.

What if I don’t yet have a supported NVIDIA GPU?

If you do not have a graphics card that meets these specifications, you may still experience Ansys Discovery Live through an the Ansys Discovery Online Cloud-based trial (you will still need to register to gain access) – but please note that server location and internet connectivity may affect your user experience.


ANSYS Discovery Live at LEAP Australia

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