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About Us

For 25+ years, LEAP has assisted thousands of companies from diverse industries to implement technology solutions to digitise their product development processes. Talk to LEAP’s experts about how to implement:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) for training, service & maintenance
  • Comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management Suite (PLM, PDM, ALM, SLM)
  • Multiphysics Simulation – Aerodynamics, Structures, Antennae (FEA, CFD, EMAG)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning/Data Analytics/Digital Twin
  • Embedded Software Certification
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM)
  • Documentation (Control, Quality, Requirements & Calculations)

Watch the video below to hear LEAP’s Managing Director, Greg Horner, discuss how LEAP has positioned itself as the premier engineering software partner for design and manufacturing companies in our region.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions at LEAP Australia

Industry 4.0 has been sparked by global technological trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) which enable the convergence of physical-digital systems, in turn causing massive transformations in the way manufacturers create, service and operate their new smart, connected products.

Simulation Driven Product Development
ANSYS Solutions at LEAP Australia

ANSYS multiphysics simulation software is the market leader and has the greatest range of capabilities, covering a broad span of physics – including structural, thermal, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.

Driving Success Through Innovation
PTC Solutions at LEAP Australia

PTC technology solutions transform the way you create and service your products across the entire product lifecycle, from conception and design to sourcing and service. PTC’s solutions cover everything from Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools through to Industry 4.0 technology.

LEAP’s partners include:

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