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6DOF & Motion

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  

Delivering solutions to fluid flow problems in an easy to use, intuitive and responsive environment for SME’s, global corporations, academia and start-ups alike.

6 DOF & Motion

Most CFD analysis involves a stationary body with fluid moving past it; however there are instances when the motion or orientation of the body is unknown, as it is dependent on the fluid forces acting on it. Think bullet being ejected out of the barrel or stability of a parachute: our CFD solution has been used to analyse it all!

Train within a Tunnel
CFD simulation models the physical movement of an item within a fluid, be it an elevator in a shaft or a train in a tunnel, for drag or acoustic analysis.

Payload Release From Wing
Using 6DOF and moving mesh, the aerodynamic interactions between a missile being released and the aircraft wing is studied.

Propeller Design and Lift Off
Optimising the shape of a propeller is one thing, but our CFD tool was also used to check the rate of ascent and stability of the UAV as it took off the ground.